About KBPPWe are a clean, eco-friendly energy company

We are Khmelnytsky Bio Power Plant (KBPP), a clean energy company based in Khmelnytsky, Western Ukraine. Our main aim is to take advantage of a little used biomass resource that is readily available in the Ukraine. This resouce is straw, which is generated from grain production in Ukraine. By using straw as Biomass fuel we can generate renewable electricity and in doing so address the increasing need to make Ukraine less dependent on energy imports, as well as helping reduce green house gas emissions and also supporting local development & employment.


At KBPP we use straw as a biomass fuel, which is a by-product of wheat production.


We burn the straw, using it as an alternative power source, in order to generate electricity.


Using straw as a power source is more environmentally friendly as it is carbon neutral.

our Project

" Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. "
Albert Einstein

Khmelnytsky Bio Power Plant LLC (‘KBPP’) propose to build and operate a 44.2 MWe renewable energy electricity power station near the city of Khmelnytsky in Western Ukraine. The site is located adjacent to the village of Pechesky, 10kms north of the City of Khmelnytsky.

The power produced by the Plant will be fed into the local grid and sold under the terms of the Ukrainian Green Tariff law to Energorynok (operator of Ukraine’s wholesale electricity market).

Biomass Plant Specifications

The fuel for the plant (straw) is the natural by-product of the extensive cereal production currently undertaken in the region. This resource is very little used at present.

Within a radius of 50km of the proposed plant there is an annual supply of 1.4million tons of straw, more than sufficient for 270,000 tons per annum required by the Plant.

Key figures

  • 44.2 MW Renewable energy produced 24 hours per day in base load operation
  • Output equivalent to electricity consumption of 75,000 homes
  • 270,000 tonnes of CO2 emmissions will be reduced per year
  • Straw contracts will provide approximately €10million per annum to the local economy
  • 30 jobs will be provided in operation, 50 in fuel supply
  • Ash produced will be recycled as fertiliser to improve crop yields
At KBPP, We have carefully developed our Project Management team based on previous relevant experience and success in the development of renewable energy generation projects and knowledge of biomass supply chain logistics.